Statement Letter : Penalties for both NXL> and ex NXL> Players

Penalties for both  NXL> and ex NXL> Players

Due to the number of rumors circulating about the NXL team> going around, here is the statement for the affected parties. We have invited both parties, and the following are the results due to this matter from each party:

  • NXL>: Party NXL> explains that the players do not fulfill their task or obligations while working under the NXL management> which hampered the compensation for the players
  • Player: The player's party feels that they did not receive the rights that should be provided to the players by the NXL> management priveleges such as facilities, and promised compensation which made the players feel unconfortable which results in resigning of the players from the NXL> management

After considering this incident we decided that both parties have mistatakes.

  • NXL>: Did not treating the team players as promised and failed for taking care the internal issues between the players and the management.
  • Player : Did not perform their obligations as NXL players and rules that exisisting during their part in the NXL management

Therefore both parties being punished as

  • NXL team slot rights> as MPL champions: ID Season 1 is revoked and must follow qualifier phase if you want to follow MPL Season 2, and are penalized by not being allowed to follow the First Qualifier of MPL: ID Season 2
  • ex Player NXL> is no longer under NXL Management or sponsored by NXL> for any reason up to an unspecified time

We will set up an MPL arbitration committee dedicate to solve this kind of similar problem.


We hope that such incidents will not happen again, and will respect each other more

As for if you have any related issues, we are very open to consultations and complaints so there will be no decision from one party during the upcoming event MPL ID Season 2.


-MLBB eSports Team-


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