1. There will be a total of 10 teams to be play in the Regular Season of MPL Season 2. The 4 invited teams from MPL Season 1 will be invited to the Regular Season of MPL Season 2, while the remaining 6 teams will be going through Open Qualifiers.

  2. 3 stages of MPL Season 2:

    1. Open Qualifier

      • Open Qualifier 1 – MPL-ID S2

        1. Teams will be competing in a single elimination bracket, best of 1 format from Round of 512 to Round of 16.

        2. From Round of 16 onwards, teams will be competing in a single elimination, bracket of best of 3.

        3. Top 4 teams will be qualified in the MPL-ID S2 Qualifier Playoff.

      • Open Qualifier 2 – MPL-ID S2

        1. Teams will be competing in a single elimination bracket, best of 1 format from Round of 512 to Round of 16.

        2. From Round of 16 onwards, teams will be competing in a single elimination, bracket of best of 3.

        3. Top 4 teams will be qualified in the MPL-ID S2 Qualifier Playoff.

      • Qualifier Playoff – MPL-ID S2

        1. Teams will be competing in a Round Robin bracket, best of 1 format

        2. 10 Teams will be divided into 2 Groups. Group A and Group B

        3. 1 Group Contains of 5 teams

        4. 3 Teams in Group A and B with the highest Point will be Qualified to MPL-ID S2 Regular Season.

        5. 6 Teams that already qualified will be Joining the 4 Invited teams in Regular Season.

        6. In case of same point higher rank will be decided by KDA

        7. In case of KDA still the same there will be a Tie Breaker using Best of One Format.

    2. Regular Season

      1. 4 invited teams from MPL Season 1 playoffs and the 6 teams from Qualifier Playoff will be playing in a round robin format of best of 3.

      2. Returning teams need to maintain at least 3 players from past season roster.

      3. Teams will not be playing more than 1 matches in 1 day.
      4. Points are being distributed as follow:

        • 2-0, winning teams earn 3 points

        • 2-1, winning teams earn 2 points while losing team earn 1 points

      5. If the Results still the same there will be an additional match between teams who had the same points using Best of One (BO1) Round Robin. The rank will be decided by the points. (egg. If A,B,C have the same points. Then it will be 2 matches each team (A vs B, A vs C), (B vs A, B vs C), and (C vs A, C vs B) Best Of One (BO1) , Points will be counted as the winning points each team got. )

      6. If still have same points, the shortest match time of the winning match in additional match will get the higher rank.

      7. Top 8 teams will be qualified in the Playoffs whereas the bottom 2 teams are eliminated.

      8. Players will do toss coin to decide Red and Blue side in the first match of week 1 (BO3). The sides will be exchange after every match.

    3. Playoffs

      1. Teams will be seeded based on their regular season standings.
      2. 8 teams will be competing in a double elimination bracket of best of 3.
      3. Grand Final will be played in best of 5.




  1. Player Requirement

    1. Players are not allowed to join more than 1 team.

    2. Player must be available for all League-related activities they are involved in, including, but not limited to, match days and media appearances.

    3. The act of registering for this League implies full acceptance of all terms, conditions, rules and regulations stated, in its entirety.

    4. All teams representing their countries will need to have at least 3 local citizens and all team members must reside in their represented country.

  2. Team Requirement

    1. A team must consist of the following members:

      1. 1 manager (Optional)

      2. 1 Substitute player (Optional)

      3. 5 main player (Necessary)

    2. Team ownership is determined by the 51% of the team members during registration.

    3. Teams are prohibited to replace any of the registered players (including the reserved player) during non-Roster Shuffle period.

  3. Team Names, Team Tags, and Player Names

    1. Teams will be permitted 1 tag for Team Names (consisting of 4 characters) in front of each player’s Hero Name (IGN)    throughout the League. These tags must be upper-case, lower-case letters or numbers 0-9 only.

    2. Names may include upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers 0-9, underscores, or single spaces between words only. Player Names must not exceed 2-8 characters including spaces.(From the second season. All teams entering the MPL Regular Season need to abide by this rule, Beause this length can get the best display in livestream) If special characters are used, the Organiser reserves the right to simplify them for use during the League. Player Names and Team Names may not contain: vulgarities or obscenities; MLBB hero derivatives or other similar character names; or derivatives of products or services that may create confusion.

    3. All Team Tags, Team Names, and Player Names must be approved by League Official in advance of use in play. Name changes are not allowed except under certain extenuating circumstances, but must be approved by League Officials prior to being used in in League game. All teams will be given a chance to modify if they get a sponsor during the player shuffle period. League Officials have the ability to deny a team name if it does not reflect the professional standards bought by the Organizer and the team will be required to change their name.

  4. Sponsorships

    1. Should the sponsorship require a change of team name or team logo, teams must submit the request to the league within the league stipulated team name/logo period.

    2. An Organizer team has the ability to acquire sponsors throughout the League. Sponsorship acquisition is unrestricted but will be subject to the Organizer's approval. If the sponsor falls under the list of limited categories, then the sponsorship may not be displayed by the players during the use or play of MPL, adjacent to MLBB related material, by the Organizer, or any RevivalTV events. The League Officials have the ability to update the category list at any time. The following is the non-exclusive list of limited sponsor categories:

      1. Tobacco products

      2. Products or services from direct competitors of MLBB.

      3. Websites displaying or related to pornographic imagery or products.

      4. Firearms, handguns, or ammunition providers.

      5. Account sharing/skin selling websites.

      6. Non-“over-the-counter” drugs

      7. Gambling Website: defined as any website that aids or abets the wagering of funds on a sport/esports event and/or allows for the wagering of funds in casino games including poker.

  5. League Schedules and Rules

    1. Teams must check-in 30 minutes before the team's scheduled match starts.

    2. League brackets will be posted in the team brief.

    3. Teams are expected to be in the game stage and in-game lobby at the designated time. Maximum 10 minutes waiting time.

    4. If any team is not ready during the designated time, their opponent can take a default win by contacting an admin and having him check the lobby.

    5. If both teams agree, they can delay for a maximum of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, whoever has the most players in their team will take a default win and must report to an admin and having him checking the lobby.

    6. In order to keep the League on schedule, teams may not wait more than 10 minutes, or both teams may get disqualified.

    7. Teams may not remake after the 1st creep wave has spawned.

    8. All results must be reported to the respective admins right after the match within 30 minutes.

  6. League Format

    1. Round robin format. Each match consists of 3 games.

    2. Each team plays a total of 9 matches (maximum 9 games) in the season.

    3. League duration is 6 weeks.

    4. Games won 2-0 awards 3 points to the winner; and 0 points to the loser.

    5. Games won 2-1 are awarded 2 points to the winner; and 1 point to the loser. 

    6. Each team must play every week.

    7. Each team cannot play more than one match per day.

    8. Top 8 teams will move onto the Playoffs. In the case of a tiebreaker, the Organiser will first consider the teams’ head-to-head record. The next consideration will be the matches time between teams.

    9. 10 Teams are responsible for securing a stable line for their matches during regular season.

  7. General Conduct

    1. Players will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly and polite demeanor to spectators, competitors, members of the press, League staff, and to other participants of the event

    2. Players will refrain from the use of vulgar language during the entire competition. All rules of conduct also apply to chatting through the game console

    3. Players are expected to compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without cause, or showing a flagrant lack of effort will be construed as a violation of player conduct, and will result in match penalties, forfeit and disqualification from the League

    4. The Organiser has the right to apply penalties (see General Section 9), disqualify and dismiss any registered player from the League, at their discretion, at any stage of the League, for any reason, with no prior warning to the players.

  8. In-Game Rules

    1. The mobile application to be used is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Developer: Moonton)

    2. The game mode used in:

      1. Regular Season & Playoffs: Tournament Mode.

      2. MPL-ID S2 Qualifier Playoff : Tournament Mode

      3. MPL-ID S2 Qualifier 2 : Custom Draft Pick.

      4. MPL-ID S2 Qualifier 1 : Custom Draft Pick

    3. The first team to destroy the opposing team’s Base wins.

    4. If any player disconnects during a match, they can request a League Official to pause the game for the player to reconnect. Once all players are ready, as indicated by both Team Captains, the League Official will resume the game.

    5. In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from a new draft but has to be the same line up.

  9. Extreme Technical Difficulties

    1. In the event of a technical difficulty which leads the League Officials to declare a restart, the Organiser may instead award a game victory to a team. If a game has been played for more than 5 minutes on the game clock (00:05:00), League Officials, at their sole discretion, may determine that a team cannot avoid defeat to a degree of reasonable certainty. The following criteria may be used in the determination of reasonable certainty:

      1. In the situation where the difference in net worth is less than 800 x minute, the game has to be remake.

      2. The teams total net worth differences must exceed 800 x minute of the game. For example, 20 minutes in to the game, Team A holds a net worth of 20,000 while Team B’s net worth at 38,000. Difference in net worth is 18,000. 800 x 20minute = 16,000. The difference in net worth of 18,000 is greater than 16,000, hence Team B is deemed victory.

  10. Penalties

    1. Upon discovery of any Team Member committing any violations of the rules listed above, the officials may, without limitation of its authority under General Section 6.4, assess all offenses cumulatively starting from the Regular Season to decide the intensity of the penalty and issue either a Warning, Yellow Card or Red Card, which entails one or more of the following penalties:

    2. Verbal Warning(s)

    3. Yellow Card penalties include one or more of the followings:

      1. Loss of a Ban during the drafting phase for Current or Future Game(s)

    4. Red Card penalties include one or more of the followings:

      1. Cash Fine(s)

      2. Game Forfeiture(s)

      3. Match Forfeiture(s)

      4. Suspension(s)

      5. Disqualification(s)

      6. Prize Forfeiture(s)

  11. Organizer Rights

    1. The Organizer may overrule any of the rules mentioned above based on the situation on a case by case basis, at their discretion. The Organizer's decisions are final after the appeal process.

  12. Cash Prize

    1. All cash prizes and subsidies will be distributed to the teams according to the player contract.

    2. Team Captains or managers are required to provide sufficient details for the Organizer to proceed with the bank transfer process of the various cash prizes and subsidies.

  13. Others

    1. Teams are required to share all live videos and videos produced for MPL to their respective team’s Facebook page.

  14. Roster Shuffle Rules:

    1. Teams Roster Lock is divided into 2 phases

    2. Regular Season Invitation Teams [Dateline: 6th July 2018]

      1. The players confirm will be cordially invited to the Regular Season of MPL Season 2.

      2. Player changes are not allowed as this will revoke the invitation rights to play in Regular Season. Teams will then have to go through Open Qualifier if they wish to participate in MPL Season 2.

      3. A minimum of 3 players from the previous season is required to be eligible for Regular Season 2 Invitation.

    3. Open Qualifier Teams [Dateline: 6th July 2018]

      1. Teams that qualified for Regular Season 2 from Open Qualifiers are required to confirm Teams Roster.

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